8 Ways To Style Biker Shorts

8 Ways To Style Biker Shorts

This season is all about the 90's and biker or bicycle shorts are a key essential piece for the trend.

There are many different types to suit your style and needs from activewear to comfy cotton and light anti-chafing undies that are perfect with light Summer dresses.

We've put together 8 different ways to style this season's essential bicycle shorts.


1. Blazer

This is a great edgy look that's smart/casual. Keep your blazer open with a matching crop top or bandeau, or fasten your blazer and wear it with a waist belt. You can dress this style up by adding a pair of heels or sandals or play it down with chunky trainers or boots with sporty style socks.

BasBlack Riley 50 bicycle shorts

We recommend wearing our slick compression biker shorts by BasBlack, available from size UK 8 up to UK 16. 

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2. Grunge

The 90's grunge style is very popular this season, it's the ultimate casual wear. Style your cycling shorts with a relaxed over-sized retro print t-shirt with an open over shirt or denim jacket, flat-form trainers and cotton ankle socks.

Ysabel Mora Cotton Biker Shorts

We recommend wearing our super comfy cotton bicycle shorts by Ysabel Mora. 

Available in black, navy and light fleck grey, from size S up to XL.

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3. Sporty

As bicycle shorts are known for their sports purpose it's natural that they would go with a sporty look. Wear them with an oversized retro sporty jumper or top with your fav trainers and sports striped ankle socks or dress it up with a pair of heels and a splash of neon.

Carpatree Biker ShortsWe recommend our black mid-rise biker sports shorts by Carpatree. 

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4. Over-size Shirt

For a smart casual look opt for an oversized shirt to wear with your cycle shorts. Keep it relaxed with a denim shirt, dress it up with an oversized silk blouse or go for a classic white shirt and heels combo.

We recommend our anti-chafing shorts by Sneaky Fox. Available in black, lilac, dusty pink, mint green, ink blue and coral, so lots of choice when styling your look. 

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Please note that these are like tights so your shirt/dress will need to be long enough to cover the seams and gusset.


5. Activewear

Activewear is the everyday/any activity sportswear. People are living in this style, be it on a shopping trip or a jog in the park. It has you ready for anything while keeping your style in check and we've got fab sports biker shorts that are great for any activity big or small. 

Carpatree Biker Shorts

We recommend our best selling gym sports shorts by Carpatree.

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6. Crop top

Show off that waist of yours with this crop top and biker shorts combo. Wear with an open blazer, over-sized jacket or flannel shirt or with a voluminous or structured sleeved shirt or blouse.

Whatever the style, the crop top bike shorts look is bang on trend this season.

Ysabel Mora Cotton Biker ShortsWe recommend our cotton bicycle shorts by Ysabel Mora.
Available in black, navy and light grey.

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7. Dress/Tunic

Wear your biker shorts with a half open shirt dress or with a tunic with high side slits.

Biker shorts are great if your dress is that little bit too short or if you just want to layer up your look. 

Emilio Cavallini Bicycle ShortsWe recommend our seamless block coloured cycling shorts by Emilio Cavallini to add that splash of colour. 

Available in ink blue, pink and orange.

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8. Sheer Layers 

Light sheer layers are great for this season, base layer it with a classic spaghetti strap top and anti-chafing shorts to keep a cool Summer vibe.


Ysabel Mora Anti-Chafing Shorts

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Top Looks

Here are our fav biker shorts looks. We've mainly gone with the smart semi-casual looks with monochrome classic Chanel-esq styles and colourful structured blazers but we also included a more relaxed grunge look with an oversized jacket paired with classic Dr. Martens.


Shop our full collection of biker and anti-chafing shorts here. 



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