Our Top Picks For Valentine's Day

Our Top Picks For Valentine's Day

It's February and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. 
Whether you're heading out with your partner (or staying in) or you want to treat your loved one or yourself. We've got something to suit all styles.

We've compiled a list of our top picks for this Valentine's Day, including tights, socks, hold-ups, stockings, suspender belts and bodystockings.


Heart patterned socks, tights and knee-highs
1: Happy Socks - Heart Sock
2: Fiore - Love Potion Tights
3: Ysabel Mora - Love Heart Tights
4: Fiore - Love Me Sock

Hearts always feature for Valentine's Day and we've got some cute heart patterned tights, socks and stockings for you to choose from. 

We have nice sheer black tights with an all over heart pattern from both Fiore and a curvy version from Pamela Mann.

We have fashion knee-highs, ankle socks with a heart pattern and we also have cotton and cosy slipper socks too.

Stockings are always a popular piece for Valentine's, they are worn with a suspender belt of leg garters as they cannot be kept up on their own.




Back-seamed hosiery including sheer black tights, red top and seam stockings, nude hold-ups with black seam and top and black fishnet seamed tights
1: Ysabel Mora - Backseam Tights
2: Trasparenze - Jessy Stockings
3: Trasparenze - Jessy Hold-ups
4: Emilio Cavallini - Back Seam Fishnets

Back-seam hosiery is a type of tight or stocking  with a distinctive vertical seam running along the back of each leg. 
Popularised in the mid-20th century, the back seam provides both reinforcement and a visually elongating effect on the legs. They are often associated with vintage fashion, are timeless and elegant choice for those seeking a classic look.
The red contrast seamed styles are particularly favoured around this time of year.



Suspender Belts and Leg Garters
1: Leg Avenue - Bow Leg Garters
2: Calzitaly - Triangle Lace Suspender Belt
3: Nylon Dreams - Power Mesh Suspender Belt
4: Leg Avenue - Dual Strap Heart Garters

Suspender belts and leg garters are accessories designed to hold up stockings. A suspender belt is a waistband with attached straps that clip onto stockings, providing support and preventing them from slipping down. Leg garters, on the other hand, are bands worn around the thighs, serving the same purpose. Both accessories add a touch of sensuality to lingerie and can be functional and fashionable elements in hosiery ensembles and are particularly popular around Valentine's Day as they can complete an entire lingerie ensemble.




Lace and fishnet style bodystockings and body-top
1: Leg Avenue - Racer Neck Bodystocking
2: Leg Avenue - Spiral Lace Bodystocking
3: Ysabel Mora - Lace Body-Top
4: Leg Avenue - Net Tank Bodysuit

Body stockings are form-fitting, one-piece garments that cover the torso, legs, and sometimes arms, resembling a combination of a bodysuit and stockings. They are often made from sheer or fishnet fabrics, creating a seamless and sleek look. The long sleeved styles are great for wearing with sleeveless dresses.

Body tops or bodysuits like body stockings can be made from lace, mesh or plain microfibre fabrics and are quite a versatile piece that can be worn as standalone top, worn under garments or layered over a simple bandeau. 




assorted collection of suspender tights
1: Leg Avenue - Fence Fishnet Suspender Tights
2: Leg Avenue - Net Garterbelt Stockings
3: Pamela Mann - Plain Stripe Suspender Tights
4: Leg Avenue - Duchess Tights

Suspender tights are a stylish fusion of stockings and tights. These tights feature a design that mimics the appearance of stockings attached to a suspender, with a faux garter and stocking top pattern.

This type of hosiery eliminates the need for a separate belt, providing the aesthetic appeal of stockings with the convenience of tights.

They are quite a practical hosiery piece for those that don't like the full coverage of tights but they can also add a touch of allure to legwear, making them a popular choice for those who want a sexy and flirtatious look, therefor a particularly popular piece for Valentine's Day.


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