Summer is here and we've got the perfect pieces to make you look and feel fresh and comfortable during the hot Summer months.
We've compiled a list of our top 6 essential pieces including anti-chafing bands and shorts, shoe liners, bra accessories, fishnets, footless tights and toeless hosiery.

1. Anti-Chafing Shorts & Bands

Plain black anti-chafing thigh bands to prevent thigh rubbing / "chub rub"


Anti-chafing products are a must this Summer, they're great for keeping the... 

Thigh friction and rubbing is unfortunately a real issue for a lot of us, especially during the hotter months. We've got a great selection of anti-chafing bands and shorts in a range of colours and styles to suit your needs. They truly are one of this season's essential items. 

We've got plain discreet simple pieces or fun and playful patterned and lacy styles. Check out our full range to keep your style in check and that 'chub rub' at bay.

2. Shoe Liners

Shoe liners, footies, invisible socks, no-show socks... whatever you want to call them are always one of this season's key essentials. They're better for your feet than going barefoot as they are hygienic and most importantly reduce the chances of creating an unpleasant shoe odour.

Shoe liners make it look like you're not wearing socks which is a popular look with both men and women (apart from the Gen Z's who are rockin' the crew sock trend right now). Styles include plain cotton and more intricate openwork lace styles that can change or enhance the look of your shoe.

3. Fishnet & Net