Keep Safe & Warm this Winter

Keep Safe & Warm this Winter

A guide to our warm thermal wear collection for this (Coronavirus) Winter.
As we head into the cold Winter months with COVID-19 in our midst we find ourselves having to spend more time outside as it’s the safest way to keep COVID at bay.

Here at Tights Dept. we’ve got lots of warm and cosy pieces to help make outdoor social distancing more bearable.

We’ve broken down our thermal collection into categories of characteristics/composition to help make it easier for you to decide what type of thermal wear suits you and your needs.


Fleece Lined

Ysabel Mora Thermal Turtleneck

Probably the warmest option of all, this is a synthetic range with a soft pile lining. Available in tights, ankle socks, knee-high socks, footless tights, leggings, round neck tops and turtle neck tops. You certainly won’t feel the cold wearing these as a base layer or outer layer. They're perfect for sitting outdoors in the cold Winter months.

Our top picks from this range is the 300 denier polar tight by Ysabel Mora, if you want the feel of a fluffy teddy bear hugging your legs well this is the tight for you, click here to buy. Another great piece by Ysabel Mora is their turtle neck top, also lined with a soft plush fleece lining this top will certainly keep you super cosy and warm, available in white and black, click here to buy. 

Our most stylish of all the fleece lined leggings are these fab high waisted waxed effect push-up jeggings also by Ysabel Mora. Dress them up with a nice pair heeled boots or dress them down with a chunky knitted sweater and trainers, click here to buy.

Shop our entire fleece lined collection here.



Lisanza is one of our luxurious brands. Designed and made in Italy like most of our brands, they create one of the best natural thermal vests on the market. They are light weight, incredibly warm and very breathable as they are made with 100% natural fibres (80% Wool and 20% silk). All the silk is on the inside, touching the skin therefor you do not get any itchiness from the wool.

Available in black and ivory, in long sleeve, half sleeve, tank top and string. These items come at a price but they are a great investment piece, certainly worth it if you want to keep warm this Winter. Shop our wool/silk collection here




Cotton is another great mix with wool. It's natural, soft, breathable and of course warm. Bonnie Doon make fantastic wool and cotton mix socks, they look just like regular socks but have all the cotton on the inside touching the skin and all the wool on the outside so that there’s no itchiness. They are lightweight, available in ankle and knee length and come in sizes making a great snug fit keeping your feet and toes warm.

If you prefer this mix in a tight we also have a lovely ribbed knitted style by Osé that you can wear with skirts and dresses or as a base layer under your trousers/jeans. Shop our wool and cotton collection here.


Merino Wool

Merino wool is thinner and softer than regular wool, making it easy to wear next to the skin. Trasparenze have a few merino wool styles called Jennifer, Alison and Dora. All have a high content of merino wool but Dora is ribbed and is a thicker weight to the others. The Alison style has a melange fleck through it, has 70% which makes them a little more expensive than Jennifer which has 60% merino wool.

Similar to the wool/silk vests these styles are lightweight so they don’t take up too much space in your shoe. Available in tights, ankle socks, knee-highs, over-knees and footless, they’re another natural warm option. Shop our merino wool collection here.



Cashmere is the softest of all the wools, it actually comes from a goat. It is finer, stronger, softer and approximately three times more insulating than sheep's wool, so a touch of it is all that’s needed to add that extra warmth and softness.

Available mixed with cotton or viscose both of which are natural fibres, creating a nice soft, light, breathable and most importantly warm layer. Our top pick is Omsa Cotton & Cashmere tight, they're a dense knitted tight that cuts out the cold and is super soft on the skin, click here to buy.

Shop our cashmere collection here.



Angora is another type of wool we offer that actually comes from a rabbit. Like cashmere there is only a touch of it required to obtain a nice soft and warm feel. Our best pick from our angora range are the Ysabel Mora rib socks, it has 48% angora, click here to buy.

All our angora socks are thick knitted styles that are great in Winter boots, wellies and particularly good for hiking. Shop our angora collection here.


Thermal Cotton

Cotton, the most common of all natural fibres. It controls moisture, insulates, and is hypoallergenic. It's also soft against the skin, particularly when it's knitted. We’ve got lots of cosy knitted cotton tights, socks, leggings and footless tights for you to choose from. Shop our collection here.

One of our best picks is our cotton lined opaque tights by Omsa. They are 140 denier, super opaque and look just like a regular matte opaque tight on the outside but are completely lined with cotton so they’re perfect for those that have allergies to synthetic fibres or for those that love cotton against their skin, click here to buy.




Another natural fibre is bamboo, it’s more breathable than cotton making it cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. It’s currently just available in socks in 2 weights and comes with or without an elasticated cuff and are available in both men and women’s sizes. The no cuff/roll-top is a great option for those that suffer from swollen ankles as it doesn't leave a mark like most elasticated cuffs. Shop our bamboo collection here.

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