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BasBlack Riley 90

BasBlack Riley 90

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Plain black anti-cellulite sports leggings.
It is made of fabric that gives the push-up effect and features a 10cm deep waistband.
The fabric also features unique ITOFINISH KELP additives in the form of microcapsules containing natural components that supports the fight against cellulite and boasts other skin-friendly properties.
The finish actively inhibits bacterial growth and infections ensuring the feeling of freshness and preventing unpleasant odours.
Active additives are locked up in microcapsules and get released as the product is used and retain their properties for approximately 20 washes.
The additives include:
GOTU KOLA (centella asiatica) - an extract that stimulates production of the substances that keep collagen in skin cells which makes epidermis well moisturised and free of cellulite.
KELP (Phaeophyta) - algae extracts: Fucus Vesiculosus and Chondurus Crispus help improve skin tone and suppleness by increasing metabolism for high iodine content while the content of vitamin B3 makes skin smoother, healthier and younger.
GINKGO BILBOA (Ginkgo) - an extract that strengthens blood vessels, facilitates good blood circulation and oxygen supply to skin and thus keeps collagen fibres contracted.

77% Polyester 23% Elastane

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